How to Attach the Decorations onto your Tutu

We will send detailed directions with the tutu.

Before attaching the decorations:

  1. Adjust the size: You may need to cut the piece up the back if the decoration piece is too small for your hips.

  2. Use button craft thread or equally strong thread to sew the decorations on your tutu.

  3. Make sure the thread color is the same as your tutu base.

  4. Use a long needle.

How to sew on the decorations:

  1. Cut the back center point of the tutu decoration from the  3 - 4 inches before placing on tutu base.

  2. Place the decoration piece on the base of the tutu.  Make sure to match the center of the piece with the center of the tutu.

  3. Pin the decoration in place.

  4. Sew by single stitch, roughly following the line of the decorations. Stitch size should be about 1/2 in.

  5. Once you've finished sewing, you may need to trim off excess netting. If so, please do it VERY CAREFULLY making sure not to cut the tutu.

  6. When trimming excess fabric, cut it 1/2 inch from the stitch line.