About the Creator

Toshiko Bigelow started out as a loving wife and mother that took her daughter to ballet lessons every day. There, she was introduced to the splendor and beauty of the ballet world, including the classical tutus. Soon she found herself volunteering to decorate costumes for the local ballet school productions. Her talent for decorating tutus that were appealing to the eye was admired by directors, audience members, and dancers alike. Watching the dancers come on stage one by one in their sparkling costumes seemed to enhance the enchanting quality of the art, but the real reward was seeing the happy faces after the show. Mrs. Bigelow wants to give everyone the opportunity to own a costume as beautiful as those you find in major companies. She has committed herself to create "Tutu Beautiful" skirt overlays and bodice decorations that are highly quality and affordable for you.

The Inspiration for Design

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter have always been an inspiration for Mrs. Bigelow's designs. The changes in color and feel that come with each season give her a sense of awe and respect for nature. As she searches for fabric to use in her designs, she gives each design a certain seasonal theme. While some costumes have the new fresh look of spring, others have the icy brilliance of winter. Other designs give a sense of warmth like the summer or give the understated beauty of the fall.

Thanks to Our Customers

Mrs. Bigelow's work can be seen on stages in over a dozen states--from California to New Hampshire, from Alaska to Florida--as well as in the UK, Japan and Canada. We can ship anywhere in the U.S.; please contact us for shipping rates to destinations outside the U.S.

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